Precision - Control - Results

Photocells/ Photoresistors

Advanced Photonix continues to offer its support of the Cadmium Sulfide (CDS) photocell customers
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Optical Switching, Counting, and Verification

Photodiode technology allows ultra-precise rapid counting and switching
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Detection Systems for Medical Devices

Precise illumination and detector assemblies support the latest developments in medical instrumentation
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LED Illumination Systems

Custom LED products for any wavelength application
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Precision Color Characterization

Extremely accurate color measurement for commercial and industrial applications
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Detector and Display Systems for Defense

Cutting edge detector technology enables the most advanced military applications
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For 25 years, Advanced Photonix has been providing innovative, cutting-edge optoelectronic solutions for the most demanding applications.  By optimizing our detection and illumination technology to suit the specific requirements of instrumentation in a wide range of industries, API has enabled our customers to realize the full potential of their instruments.

As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of optoelectronic systems, modules and components, API has become a true Photonics Solutions Provider.  Our customers rely on our comprehensive design experience, technical depth, manufacturing expertise, and responsiveness to help them realize their vision of performance and success of their instrumentation.

From components and subassemblies to fully integrated optoelectronic modules and subsystems, Advanced Photonix is your partner in design and manufacturing of fully optimized optoelectronic solutions for your application.