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Test & Measurement

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Process Control

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Defense / Aerospace

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Advanced Photonix, Inc. is a leading supplier of opto-electronic sensors, devices and instrumentation used by the Test and Measurement, Process Control, Medical, Telecommunication and Home land Security markets.

We have three product lines:

For over 25 years, Advanced Photonix has been providing innovative, cutting-edge optoelectronic solutions for the most demanding applications. By optimizing… Read more
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THz Solutions
The Terahertz sensor product line is targeted to the Process Control, Quality Control, Nondestructive Testing, Research and Security markets… Read more


Optosolutions, focusing on the optical engine or component that enables instrumentation manufactures, for metrology systems, water monitoring systems, currency validation machines, flame monitoring control systems, solar panel manufacturing control, pyrometer devices, particle detection, color sensing and medical many others that can only be done thru optical sensing.

The Terahertz sensor product line is targeted to the Process Control, Quality ControlNondestructive Testing and Security markets. Our T-Gauge© sensor is designed for the factory environment and can measure physical properties subsurface, like thicknesses of multiple layers, density, moisture content, anomaly detection and some chemical features, all at the same time and in real time.

Our High Speed Optical Receivers of HSOR products are used by the telecommunication market in both the installation of long haul communication equipment and in the Quality Control test and measurement equipment use in the manufacturing of telecommunication equipment.

The Company has two manufacturing facilities; one in Ann Arbor, Michigan and one in Camarillo, California.